Safety in case of an emergency

In case on an emergency or a breakdown it is important to know:

under every seat you will find:

  • a warning west and a first aid kit.
  • a water proof document bag with all vehicle documents, insurance data and an accident report.
  • an emergency phone number where you can reach us on 7 days a week to organize help

Please contact us in case of a breakdown or an accident that we can support you and we are informed in case of requests of the police or the BMW breakdown service.

We benefit from the european BMW breakdown service. If he is not able to fix the problem within 24h we will organize the bring back of the rental bike.

In case of a technical fault, for which the renter is not responsable and can not be fixed within 24h, our service transport from Munich will start as soon as possible to deliver a substitute bike to the renter.

If the tour can not be continued because of an accident, we also organize the bring back service of the rental bike.
In a circle of 600km this will be out of charge for the renter - without a claim of a substitute bike or a rental price refund of not taken rent days.