question Is there a possibility to leave the luggage, trolleys, etc.. in your rental station ?
answer Yes, we do have lockable cupboards in the dressing room. Sometimes they are to small for big cases, then we can offer to store them in our back office - but please notice they are not locked then! Also very important for your planning is that you only can get back your luggage inside the opening hours!! The BMW building is closed from an external security service and we have really no possibility to enter after the opening hours!!
question May I drop off the bike when your rental-office is closed ?
answer Yes, you may leave the bike in front of the BMW motorbike center - close the steering lock and drop the ignition key into our safe-mailbox. Please notice that it is an official parking area and we can only take back the bike regular from you the next working day. A lot of our customers do this - till today nothing happened, but to avoid missunderstandings we want to let you know about this before.
question Which possibilities do I have, if the included free-kilometers are not enough for me?
answer On the one hand we calculate the real driven more-kilometers separately at the end when we take back the rental motorbike. On the other hand you may profit from our kilometer-packages, if you know that your tour will be farer away. Will mean for example if you know that you go more than 300 km over the included km - it will be attractive to take one more day rate with 350 free-km included, even if you bring it the same day back. We can offer this only before the start of the tour when we fix the rental contract. Please notice that this advantage has also the risk that you don't get back any money if you didn't need the km package. So we can work with a mixed calculation and offer the more attractive km-price in a package. It works like other known mix-calculation tariffs like insurances or telephone companies have. Considering that this km-package must be fixed within the delivery we propose to plan the tour before with help of Google-maps or something else to choose the right tariff.
question May I prolong the rental period during the rental time ?
answer Yes, provided that your rental motorbike is not hired out afterwards. Therefore you will have to ask for the confirmation from us - so we also are informed then when the rent bike will return.
question Must I declare within the booking/reservation the exact rental tariff combination?
answer No, the reservation specifies at first the model and the rental period. At delivery we can change with the draft of the rental contract still into other tariffs or add insurance options. Only the accessories should be reserved before, otherwise it maybe that we can't offer it anymore. Especially navigation systems should be reserved!
question May I add more accessories than ordered when I pick up the bike?
answer Yes, but we can't guarantee that the accessories are available then. We don' have all seats, topcases, side bags, tank bags, navigators, etc.. for every bike in all versions. Also this must be prepared and we need manpower therefore. Will mean if you order it before we will reserve it for you and can prepare it a day before. Then you also can start just in time and will not have to wait some coffees here :)
question In case of a technical default at the rental bike - how am I secured ?
answer Yes, the mobile Service from BMW is EU-far reachable via telephone, has a thick net and is able to help locally contemporary. If a technical default, which is classified as a guarantee case from BMW, can't be repaired within 24 hours from the BMW Service, our rent customer obtaines a equivalent substitute motorbike together with a corresponding refund of his rent for his standby time.
question Do you rent the accessories also singular - without rental bike ?
answer No, sorry to tell this. In the beginning we offered this, but we had to realise that a lot of overlapping bookings with our bike rental customers made it logistical unattractive. Even the navigation systems are very popular, but it takes some time to change the mount craddle with the electricity supply. This work naturally must be done 4 times (from our bike to the customers bike and then back again) to rent one navigator. So we hope for your understanding that we don' make any offer therefore anymore.
question Has the bike to be washed before bringing it back ?
answer No, this will be done from our team and is included in the rent tariffs. We only reserve the right to make the regular take back after cleaning the bike, if it's so dirty that damages may be covereds from dirt.
question Is there an age limit or a proofable driving experience ?
answer The age limit is 18 years for 48hp bikes. 20 years for all other power classes if the driver has 2 years his drivers license. Other limits are not to be considered. We had sometimes people over 80 years asking if we still give them a bike - yes, the age is no matter - only if we see at delivery that somebody is not able to come himself alone into the saddle of the bike we are not allowed to let him start with it. But this is often no question of the age...If you are feeling good - here we go, do it as long as you enjoy it :)
question Is it enough to show the copy of the drivers license ?
answer No, we are obliged from law to see the origin document at the moment of the delivery! Otherwise we can be punished by law, even if the driver has the license - the duty of care makes it necessary!! The employees have a clear order only to hand out a bike after having seen the origin drivers license - any discussions are completely use-and senseless.....
question May I park my car at the parking area in front of the BMW motorbike center while the rental period?
answer Sorry to tell: No, because these are only short parking areas, considering the high daily customer frequency they will be needed often. If you will arrive with car we propose to park the car in the near area. Here are some parking possibilities. Naturally to load or unload your luggage and biker gear you can park your car there, if everybody respects this rule, there should be free places for you :)