FAQs - frequently asked questions


1. Prepayment - Reservation - Cancellation - Deposit - postponing - payment measures

2. drivers requirements - minimum age - documents - pillon - foreign drivers license

3. insurance - deductible/own share - technical breakdown - accident

4. tariffs - special tariffs - one way rental - freekilometer - discounts - change rental period/freekilometers - longest rental durance - maximum freekilometers - stickers/highway tolls

5. travel groups - booking - payments/deposit together or separate

6. route import into GPS - route planning - proposed tours - tourguide - escort vehicle - riding over borders - Visa-confirmation

7. special wishes - customized installations - age/milage of rental bikes - intercom system

8. bike delivery and return - luggage storage

9. shuttle service - delivery to airport - services beyond motorbike rental - parts and clothes sales - helmet rental

10. how to get to us - hotels close to the shop - communication possibilities




  1. Prepayment - Reservation - Cancellation - Deposit - postponing - payment measures
question? When is the last chance to reserve and to get the rental bike for shure ?
answer: This question can't be answered seriously as we get even in winter time each day bookings for the next season. Anyway we can offer an easy solution for this matter with our cancel-option for only 20,--€ . Just book and include it as extra at the moment of reservation, so the bike is safe and you can go ahead with the tour plans. If the tour can't be done you can cancel it anytime before and get back suddenly the prepayment less the 20,--€ for the cancel-option. So with this feature you can't miss the moment of a fully booked pool anymore.
question? Can I postpone my reservation ?
answer: Yes, providing that we can still offer something for another time period. So we will check this and get back with the info then.
question? If I cancel my booking what do I have to pay?
answer: It depends on the time of cancellation and if the cancel option has been included to the booking. Cancellations 8 days and longer before rental start will be charged with only 20,--€ for the effort. 7 days and shorter before rental start we keep the prepayment of 25%, except the case that the cancel option has been included - then the prepayment will be refunded less 20,--€ cancel-option fee.
question? Is there any possibility to check online the availability and the rent price, so I can book direct at your website like airlines or hotels do offer it?
answer: Unfortunately not yet. This would also simplify a lot for us, but the motorbike rental business and our needs have very special requirements which can't be adapted from any software supplier yet. However we stay tuned and as soon as there is a fine working online-tool we will introduce it. With our online request form you can already give us fast and easy the basic rental data and we get back within one working day with these informations.
question? What's the cancel-option? Can I include it later on also if I need it to cancel?
answer: The cancel-option is a cancellation insurance, so due to any reason the booking can be cancelled even one minute before rental start and the prepayment will be refunded less 20,--€ fee. The cancel-option must be included with the reservation and can't be chosen afterwards.
question? Which means of payment do you accept ?
answer: You can pay in cash or by Visa, Mastercard and Maestro.
question? Can I pay partially or all before the rental start ?
answer: Yes, everytime.
question? Can I get already the number plate before rental for ferry ticket or environment sticker in France ?
answer: Yes and No, will mean often customers book in winter when the new rental bikes are not yet registered or even if there is already a number plate it may change due to logistic reasons, for example if a bike has been crashed or stolen some days before and we have to organize a substitute bike.
  2. drivers requirements - minimum age - documents - pillon - foreign drivers license
question: Is there an age limit or a proofable driving experience ?
answer: The age limit is 18 years for 48hp bikes. 20 years for all other power classes if the driver has 2 years his drivers license. Other limits are not to be considered. We had sometimes people over 80 years asking if we still give them a bike - yes, the age is no matter - only if we see at delivery that somebody is not able to come himself alone into the saddle of the bike we are not allowed to let him start with it. But this is often no question of the age...If you are feeling good - here we go, do it as long as you enjoy it :)
question? Do I need to show the origin drivers license at the delivery or can I bring a photo or copy of it ?
answer: Yes, the origin national drivers license and maybe also the international drivers license are obligatory. Without the origin document there is absolutely no chance to get the rental bike.
question? Do I have to register the co-pilot / pillion ?
answer: No.
question? If I have no european drivers license, do you accept my national drivers license aswell or do I need to bring an international drivers license to the delivery ?
answer: That is very different and depends on the country you come from, or in case of the US also the state. you can scan the national drivers license with both sides and mail it to us. Then we can check if we can hand out the bike with it here for Germany. This is the one thing – the other is that we can’t tell you what the police in other countries accepts or not accepts. At the end we can’t guarantee the acceptance by police from other countries and it will last then in your responsibility.
question? I've been moving to Germany and live now here. Can I use my national drivers licens from a non-EU-country and is he unlimited valid ?
answer: No, latest after 6 months a german drivers license must be passed.
  3. insurance - deductible/own share - technical breakdown - accident
question? What does the insurance include ?
answer: Generally the third party insurance and a fully comprehensive insurance. The current amount of coverage you will find at our price lists and the GTC.
question? In case of a technical default at the rental bike - am I secured ?
answer: Yes, the mobile Service from BMW is EU-far reachable via telephone, has a thick net and is able to help locally contemporary. If a technical default, which is classified as a guarantee case from BMW, can't be repaired within 24 hours from the BMW Service, our rent customer obtaines a equivalent substitute motorbike together with a corresponding refund of his rent for his standby time.
question? What happens if there is a technical breakdown I am not responsable for ?
answer: All our rent bikes do have phone numbers from the BMW mobile technical support and from our rental mobile phone. These phone numbers are 7 days a week occupied. If the BMW service can't help to solve the issue within the next 24 hours, we will organize a substitute vehicle. This may take more or less time depending on the place and country where the breakdown happens and can't be said generally. In Italy and eastern Europe the waiting time is quiet longer as the infrastructure for road assistance is "different". In this case we will refund the waiting time aswell. To be honest, it doesn't happen really often, but as a lot of concerned questions reach us, we do answer it here aswell.
question? What happens if the tire is flat, after for example a nail puncture ?
answer: The costs for the new tyre are covered from the insurance and will be refunded after presenting the invoice at return of the bike from us. We will assist as good as possible by phone or Whatsapp to find the next tyre dealer. Depending on the place and the time it happens it may take more or less time. We don't deliver tyre repair sets with the bikes, because of security reasons. Some customers repaired the tyres and "forgott" to tell at delivery that this happend. Luckily we found this each time by checking the bike for the next renter. As there are now no costs for replacing the tyre we don't make this experience anymore. The failed rent will not be refunded in this case.
question? What happens if I cause a technical breakdown and I can't ride the bike anymore ?
answer: All our rent bikes do have phone numbers from the BMW mobile technical support and from our rental mobile phone. These phone numbers are 7 days a week occupied. We try to help as much as we can that the next BMW dealer get the bike roadworthy again. (For example a broken shift lever after falling on the park area...). If the bike can't be repaired we will organize the transport back to the rental station. In a circle of 600 distance-kilometers the recovery is cost free and covered by our included road assistance. However there is no claim in that case on a rental refund and the personal travel back is also not covered by any insurance. The transport of the bike can take some days. Generally we don't take any passengers back in the truck due to insurance and logistic reasons.
question? What happens if I am involved in an accident and I can't ride the bike anymore ?
answer: All our rent bikes do have a phone number of our rental mobile phone. This phone number is 7 days a week occupied. We just need the place where the bike is parked ( recovery service, hotel, or s.e....) and a contact person (mailadress, website, phone number) whre we can get the ignition key aswell. We will organize the transport back to the rental station. In a circle of 600 distance-kilometers the recovery is cost free and covered by our included road assistance. However there is no claim in that case on a rental refund or a replacement bike and the personal travel back is also not covered by any insurance. The transport of the bike can take some days. Generally we don't take any passengers back in the truck due to insurance and logistic reasons.
question? If I'm involved in an accident, what has to be done then ?
answer: First the general measures like securing the accident place, giving first aid, etc... and then calling the police to report the accident. All our rental bikes do have an accident report under the seat. Very helpfull are photos from the accident place, all vehicles from different sites and also from the number plates. This helps a lot later on to finish the documents for the insurance report. If possible call us by phone to get clear instructions and support. If we get all data in the accident report ( date, time, location, number plates, police station, accident participants...) we can clear fast the insurance formalities.
question? Can I reduce the insurance deductible down to Zero ?
answer: No, but we do offer an excess down to 100 € maximum as extra.
question? Do you offer an accident/health insurance ?
answer: No.
question? Must I pay the damage also if I am not responsible for the accident ?
answer: As we can't decide about the question of guilt, the renter has to pay the deductible and claims this at the others party insurance together with maybe additional demands like damaged rider's gear etc...
  4. tariffs - special tariffs - one way rental - freekilometer - discounts - change rental period/freekilometers - longest rental durance - maximum freekilometers - stickers/highway tolls
question? What means 3 for 1 ?
answer: This is our offseason tariff and we offer to rent the bike 3 days for just one day rate. For these 3 days 350 free-km are included and they can be increased also with our 300-km-packages on top. It is also possible to rent a weekend with this tariff or a longer time period by continuing in 3 day blocks. Like for example 5 days rental time - paying just 2 day rates with 700 free-km then, etc...
question? Which possibilities do I have, if the included free-kilometers are not enough for me?
answer: On the one hand we calculate the real driven more-kilometers separately at the end when we take back the rental motorbike. On the other hand you may profit from our kilometer-packages, if you know that your tour will be farer away. Will mean for example if you know that you go more than 300 km over the included km - it will be attractive to take one more day rate with 350 free-km included, even if you bring it the same day back. We can offer this only before the start of the tour when we fix the rental contract. Please notice that this advantage has also the risk that you don't get back any money if you didn't need the km package. So we can work with a mixed calculation and offer the more attractive km-price in a package. It works like other known mix-calculation tariffs like insurances or telephone companies have. Considering that this km-package must be fixed within the delivery we propose to plan the tour before with help of Google-maps or something else to choose the right tariff.
question? Must I declare within the booking/reservation the exact rental tariff combination?
answer: No, the reservation specifies at first the model and the rental period. At delivery we can change with the draft of the rental contract still into other tariffs or add insurance options - except the cancel-option, this must be ordered/included with the reservation. Only the accessories should be reserved before, otherwise it maybe that we can't offer it anymore. Especially navigation systems should be reserved! However we propose to fix everything before to optimize the delivery and avoid waiting times. Especially if you are coming together in a group it is a bigger factor if one or more are interuppting the delivery process if somebody wants a topcase or side bags after finishing the contract. Then the others have to wait till we bring from another place each item in maybe several attemps.
question? Can I rent the bike including unlimited kilometers ?
answer: No, the ordered freekilometers are significant for our preparation considering tyres, brakes and services. However we do offer our attractive free-km packages to include with the booking.
question? May I prolong the rental period during the rental time ?
answer: Yes, provided that your rental motorbike is not hired out afterwards. Therefore you will have to ask for the confirmation from us - so we also are informed then when the rent bike will return.
question? Do you offer one-way-rentals - can I drop off the bike at another city ?
answer: No, we do have only one rental station in Munich, so the bike must be returned here again.
question? Do I get money back if I return the bike earlier or ride less than the included free-kilometer ?
answer: No, the bike has been hold back for the whole time , so we couldn't offer it to somebody else before. We do offer to reduce the free-kilometers and so the rent price aswell latest at delivery. This is an attractive feature if the renters like to make a rest day for example. We recommend to plan the tour roughly with tools like google maps or www.kurviger.de . Please notice that there is no option to reduce the free-kilometers after the return as we do have mixed calculations.
question? Does the rental price include already the highway tolls of all european countries ?
answer: No, it doesn't - this is up to the rider. In some countries the highway use is free ( for example Germany) in others you have toll stations and in others you have stickers(vignettes) to buy and pick on the bike. In our information-column you can see an overview which countries need a toll-sticker.
question? Can I rent the motorbike for a whole season or is there any time limitation ?
answer: Our rentals are limited to 30 days. This has taxlaw-reasons. But we can offer to make a switch to another rental bike after this time frame.
question? Is there a kilometer limitation ?
answer: Yes, maximum 10.000 km per rental. So we can guarantee under normal use conditions that tires, brakes, chain, etc... are well prepared for the tour.
question? Can I get a discount as BMW club member, automobile club member, or things like that ?
answer: No, we have no sponsorings from these clubs, so our rental prices are for everybody the same. Anyway we do offer a 5% discount for groups starting at 3 bikes and more.
question? Can I rent the test ride bikes from your Sunday Plus tariff also longer ?
answer: No, theses bikes are offered to customers that do test rides inside the regular opening hours.
question? Why is a reservation for your Sunday Plus tariff just 14 days before possible ?
answer: These are bikes from a test ride pool from the BMW motorbike center Munich. Due to logistic reasons we can't plan with a longer availability. However our regular rent bikes can be reserved a long time before the rental.
question? Can I have the rent price tax free as I am a diplomat/ NATO-soldier or my company is situated outside Germany ?
answer: No, rental are excluded from this regulation.
question? Is it possible to rent a bike in winter when your business is closed ?
answer: Only if the rental starts in October, later it is not possible anymore as the bikes registration is laid still or the bikes are sold at the end of the season.
question? Can I rent the extras separately without a bike ?
answer: We do offer the Navigator VI and the BMW Coverall single peace suite to rent separately. Other extras are only rentable in combination with the rental bike.
  5. travel groups - booking - payments/deposit together or separate
question? Can I reserve one or more bikes for somebody else ?
answer: Yes you can. However it is important to let us know the riders names, then we know who is authorized for which model at the delivery.
question? If I make a group reservation do I need to tell the riders names and send you the documents ?
answer: No, this is not obligatory. Anyway we recommend to send us as sonn as possible the riders dates to prepare the rental contracts, so the delivery can be speeded up and optimized.
question? Must a group booking also be paid together or can every renter pay individually for himself ?
answer: Both is possible, just like you prefer. You can also split the payment and the deposit (guarantee) at delivery. So for example the rental invoice can be paid from one customer and the deposits from each renter separately then.
question? Can I pay the total amount together and before, so the rent prices will not be shown in the contracts ?
answer: Yes, that's possible, just in case please tell us some days before that we can prepare the correct versions.
  6. route import into GPS - route planning - proposed tours - tourguide - escort vehicle - riding over borders - Visa-confirmation
question? Which kind of GPS device do you offer and can you import my planned routes into it ?
answer: We rent the BMW Navigator VI which is a Garmin product with extra BMW specific features. If you send us the route data as gpx-file we can import that into the GPS device. However it must be said that there maybe sometimes littler deviations in the new calculated route after the import. The reasons are maybe different route preference settings or differing firmware versions.
question? Can you recommend me given routes, or maybe create tours looking at my preferences and holiday specifications?
answer: No, we don't offer this. Our experience shows that the customers wishes are different due to riders skills, different street preferences, kilometer-ranges, riders experiences and healthy conditions. This is part of the tour operators business, so we can give you the contact for an organized tour. Anyway there is a very helpfull website from motorbike-hotels in the Alps including a lot of tours starting from each hotel, shown at their website. It is called: www.moho.info and it is also in english.
question? Do you organize a complete tour with hotel reservations, tourguide and a service vehicle ?
answer: No, this is the business from tour operators, what we can't offer.
question? Which countries am I allowed to travel to with your rental bike ?
answer: You can travel in all countries of the European Union, Switzerland and Great Britain. We have a detailed overview in our information-column at our website.
question? Is it possible to upgrade for extra costs and travel to Non-Eu-countries like Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, etc...?
answer: No, it isn't.
question? Can you create a Visa-confirmation for my embassy ?
answer: What we do in every booking case is to send the booking confirmation with all rental details. More documents will not be handed out.
  7. special wishes - customized installations - age/milage of rental bikes - intercom system
question? How old are your rental bikes and which milage do they have ?
answer: We have each in the newest technical version, mostly they are running one or two seasons. Generally we do maintain the bikes in a technical top condition - the BMW workshop is direct close to us. Our priority is that every rider get's a good bike to return again without any issues - the we and all customers enjoy it mostly :) The milage you pick up the bike is not really predictable, however you can be shure that we don't have 6 digits milages, normally we have in the lower to midlle 5 digit milages.
question? Can you connect my bluetooth intercom helmet with your bike and the GPS at delivery ?
answer: Yes and No, will mean we can show the menues at the bike and the GPS where to connect the Bluetooth features. However please understand that we will not monitor the whole process with chanelselections and priorisation etc... This can be offered from us as we do have to look for the next customers waiting at the counter in the season.
question? Do you offer rental motorbikes with 48 hp for A2-license owners ?
answer: Yes we have the F900R with 48hp in our pool.
question? Which tires are on the bikes, can I maybe order offroad tires ?
answer: Our bikes do have touring tires. We do not offer offroad tires as we also don't want our customers to do offroad-trips.
question? Do you offer all bikes with lowered chasis ?
answer: No, not all models - but we have some. Just check the current models in our online-request form. We do offer for all models a low seat, so maybe this works also as alternative then.
question? Does the topcase come with a pillon backrest or can I order it extra ?
answer: The 49lt topcase for the R1250RT has a backrest, the other models topcase don't have backrests and they also can't be ordered separately.
question? Is the a power outlet to charge my phone at the bike ?
answer: Yes, all bikes do have a 12-Volt power outlet - looks like a cigarette lighter plug, but it is a liitle bit smaller (DIN ISO 4165) If you need an adapter from cigarette lighter you cn buy it in a BMW store, Touratech, or other technical markets. Some models do have already an USB-outlet - you can see this in the technical description at our website.
question? Can I connect my heated jacket to the onboard electricity or can you install a power outlet for my heated jacket when I pick up the bike ?
answer: There is the 12-Volt power outlet (see asnwer question before). The power outlet is controlled from the central unit, which garantees that the electronic systems from the bike work without disturbance. So, our experience is that you shouldn’t connect it to the battery as there may come up failure messages and errors in some cases. Sometimes renters told us that the heated wests didn’t work sometimes, but that’s ok – the system sometimes cut’s off the power if the electricity is needed for a perfect run of all onboard systems. However to keep a long story short: Only connect it to the plug-in otherwise the bike may get an electronic failure which may interrupt the whole trip at the end.
  8. bike delivery and return - luggage storage
question? How long does it take to pick-up the rental bike ?
answer: This is difficult to tell exactly. Maybe there is another renter before you or you are coming in a group and everybody gets his own instructions how to handle his bike. The range can be between 10 minutes (you know the bike already and nobody is before you) and maybe some changes in the contract you like to make with a complete briefing. We recommend to arrive half an hour before rental start if you need to start at a certain time.
question? Is it possible to make the check-in the day before to start early the next day ?
answer: Yes, you can finish the rental contract with payment and deposit, so there is just the bike delivery the next day. A lot of groups do this if they stay for the night in a hotel close to our shop.
question? Is it possible to return the bike outside your opening hours ?
answer: Yes, this is generally no problem – for this we have a parking area in front of the building and a treasure mailbox to drop in the ignition key. We’d like to inform you that if you like to store luggage (suitcases – trolleys, etc....) they can`t be handed out that time, because the building is completely closed then.
question? Must I return the bike washed and with a full tank ?
answer: You get the bike with a full tank and it must be returned also full. The cleaning of the bike is up to us and musn't be done by the renter.
question? What happens if I don't return the bike in time ?
answer: As soon as it is obvious you are pleased to inform us, so we can check if the bike is rented direct after your rental. However we do have a tolerance included of 1 hour.
question? Is there a possibility to leave the luggage, trolleys, etc.. in your rental station ?
answer: Yes, we do have space for your luggage. Please keep in mind for your planning is that you only can get back your luggage inside the opening hours!! The BMW building is closed from an external security service and we have really no possibility to enter after the opening hours!!
  9. shuttle service - delivery to airport - services beyond motorbike rental - parts and clothes sales - helmet rental
question? Do you rent helmets, jackets, gloves, boots ?
answer: We don't rent helmets anymore, due to hygeniec and security reasons after some not so good experiences in the past. Also boots, jackets, gloves are not in our pool. We just offer a single peace suite the BMW Coverall. This is not comparable with a personal riders gear, but good for riders that don't have anything. It is water resistant and has all protectors, looks a liitle bit like a rainsuit.
question? Do rent more bike-models than shown in your price list, maybe also an escort car for travel groups ?
answer: No, we only offer the bikes that you can see at our website or in our pricelist. We also don't organize bikes or cars from other rental companies.
question? Do you rent accessories like actioncams, intercom-systems, handy-mountcradles, heated jackets, etc... ?
answer: No, we don't. We just offer the BMW navigator to rent. Please also understand that we don't mount any phone cradle for customers due to liability reasons. However we can help with tools or tape to fix the cradle by DIY.
question? Can you tell me prices and availability of BMW clothes and BMW parts ? Can I pick them up when I get the rental bike?
answer: We are situated inside the BMW motorbike center Munich, so we will forward your request to the BMW parts team. So you can clear the rest with these collegues.
question? Can I send my riders gear ahead of time to you ?
answer: Open said we are not very keen on this. Here are some examples from the past that went wrong: • Two parcels didn’t arrive because the parcel service company sent it automatically to the BMW headquarters post office and not to the BMW Motorrad Zentrum. This is some kilometres away from us and it´s located on the factory site. We have no staff and no time to go there and pick up the parcel. • One parcel from a customer was declared as a gift to avoid taxes and we were asked to confirm it. This is something we will not do (because it is not allowed) and the customer had to pay taxes for his own clothes! You can imagine the discussions afterwards!!!! • And all parcels that arrive from Non-EU countries are being checked and stored at the customs office at the airport. We will not pay any taxes, fees and as explained we don’t have capacities to drive to the airport to pick up the parcel. • Another parcel didn’t arrive in time and the customer kept calling us every day to check where his parcel was. This caused a lot of stress to us because he couldn’t start the tour with his friends…
question? Can you pick me up from the airport - is there a shuttle service ?
answer: No, we don't have this service - you can use Uber, Taxi or the underground to get to us. The possibilities you will find in our information-column at the website.
  10. how to get to us - hotels close to the shop - communication possibilities
question? Can we communicate by Whatsapp to book the bike ?
answer: No, we communicate by phone, email or at our rental counter in person.
question? Can you recommend a good hotel close to your shop ?
answer: Yes, there is just at the other side of the street the hotel "Königstein" - a lot of our customers stay there for the night several times.
question May I park my car at the parking area in front of the BMW motorbike center while the rental period?
answer Sorry to tell: No, because these are only short parking areas, considering the high daily customer frequency they will be needed often. If you will arrive with car we propose to park the car in the near area. Here are some parking possibilities. Naturally to load or unload your luggage and biker gear you can park your car there, if everybody respects this rule, there should be free places for you :)