our flat-tyre and bringback insurance for you

In case of a tyre damage the cost of a tyre replacement will be returned back to the rental client from the rental station. And the rental motorbike will be brought back in case of an accident till max.600 km distance kilometers.

More precisely said, if the tyre will be damaged for example through a nail, a piece of broken glass, or s.e. and loses air pressure, we will refund the costs for the replacement of a new tyre if the renter can present us the invoice at the bring back for this done through a BMW Motorrad authorised dealer.

All our rent motorbikes are eqipped with the telephonenumber of the european wide working BMW service, who will organize the transport to the next BMW dealer and the tyre replacement. So nobody has to drive with a damaged tyre then. We didn't add very knowingly any tyre repair kit to our rent bikes, on the one hand it doesn't work in every case and on the other hand it may result a big risk for the driver after such an improved repair that doesn't stand higher speeds, long distances - heavy break actions, etc... We also want to avoid a risk for the next renter if the last renter forgets to tell us about the repair.

Also an important detail for this handling:

Only a BMW Motorrad authorised dealer can guarantee for the correct tyre replacement and the check of the very sensitive RDC-sensors inside the air valves. This is the reason why we reserve us to debit afterwards the cost of an inspection of the correct tyre replacement done through the BMW motorbike center munich if the replacement hasn't been done through a BMW Motorrad authorised dealer.

In case of an accident we transport back the rent bike to the rent station without any costs for the renter up to  600 distance kilometers on the fastest traffic connection. Every more distance kilometer will be debited to the renter with 1,--€ each. The accident has to be protocolled through the police and the renter has to inform us where to find the rent bike and about eventually contact persons ( hotel reception, police station, etc...).

In case of transport through somebody else, please notice that the renter is responsable for an eventually resulting extented rent time that we charge then.