groups with 3 bikes and more


A group discount of 5% will be given if 3 bikes and more will be rented together in the same time !

Reservation & payment:

The bikes can be reserved with prepayment (25%) together from one person / company or also from each group member separately. 

Payment & deposit:

The restpayment must be done latest at delivery and can be done once together on one invoice or separately from each rider - this is also independent from the prepayment method done before.

It is possible to print out the rental contracts without prices if the ordering party requests this.

The deposit (1.000 € for each bike with Visa/Mastercard or in cash) can be done independent from the payment method together or from every rider separately.

Cancellations from single bikes.

If the number of bikes is reduced through cancancellations down to 2 units, the group discount will not be given anymore.

For Travel organisations that need 6 bikes or more we do offer a pool of tourguide bikes with very attractive conditions.