14 days and longer rentals infos


14 days and longer the following accessories are cost free included:


  • side bags

  • topcase

  • tank bag

  • BMW Navigator VI

The insurance can be optimized to a max. 100 € deductible (own share in case of damage ) covering the whole time for only 50 €. 

From the 15th day on we do offer reduced day rates - here you get to the pricelist...

Several informations that maybe helpful:

Here you can find a map and also a list of countries where our rent bikes are allowed to be ritten:

Overview allowed countries

Highway tolls and vignettes


Due to the german value added tax - law (UStG - §3a Absatz 3 Punkt 2b- Beförderungsmittel) we have to limit the max. rental time to 30 days - but a following rental with another motorbike can be offered from us then.



Due to very shady practises from collection agencies that are instructed from the hungarian highway authorities we generally don't allow to use the hungarian highway anymore.

If you like to get more informations about the background and how to avoid the hassle we can tell you at delivery more details.


Our full road assistance in case of a breakdown is limited to a 600km radius around our rental station in Munich. Will mean we will help our renters in every case, but if you are farer away there maybe some extra costs to be paid ( more infos if you look in our GTC at the end of this page) and the reaction time for help is longer then aswell. We advice to sign a letter of protection at your local automobile club if possible that covers also these cases.