3 ways to purchase a voucher

by the local rent station


by Internet


by phone

Call us under: +49 (0) 89 - 35 35 187

Sie befinden sich hier:HOME-ENG>RENT>Voucher

How to get a voucher

you let us know the requested tariff or only the amount

  1. directly at the rental station counter ( the office here is occupied from march till october ):
    You'll get the voucher suddenly after payment in cash, with EC/MAESTRO or credit card.
  2. voucher purchase online ( this can be done every time in year):
    the payment can be done with credit card online with our secured site *here*           

After the successfull charge of the credit card we do send the voucher to your adress.

The recipient of this voucher can contact us then for a reservation to rent his requested bike.

We accept: