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14 days and longer rentals

14 days and longer the following accessories are for free included:

+ side bags

+ topcase

+ tankbag

+ BMW Navigator VI ( GPS-device in several languages like englisch, spanisch, japanese, chinese, turkisch, etc....)


The insurance coverage can be optimized to a max. 100 € deductible ( own-share ) for the whole time for only 50 €. (standard included is already 500€ deductible)


Several informations that maybe helpful:


Here you can find a map and also a list of countries where our rent bikes are allowed to be ritten:


Overview allowed countries


highway tolls and vignettes



Due to very shady practises from collection agencies we don't allow to use the hungarian highway anymore.

To keep a long story short: The hungarian authorities give orders to collection agencies that they claim a supposed unpaid highway toll - regarding the on top efforts from these agencies it triples at the end the origin amount ( about 30€ up to 96€). If one can't show the origin receipt as proof he/she has to pay the fee without exception ! Some of our renting-customers did find the receipt in their documents - here you can read in the bottom of the sheet that your have to keep the receipt for 2 years. We forwarded the receipt and after 3 months came the termination of the proceedings. Others who paid the highway toll at the automate and didn't find the receipt anymore had to pay a second time the much higher amount. Such practises we didn't see in any country before and means a lot of communication effort and anger. The german automobile club ADAC knows also a lot of stories to tell about this....



Please notice that our full road assistance in case of a breakdown is limited to a 600km radius.  Will mean we will try to help anyway but this maybe difficult and take more time, in case of a recovery there may come up extra costs. We recommend a membership in a automobile club as backup aswell.