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BMW R 1250 GS - technical data

description details
motorpower 136 hp / 143 NM
vehicule weight brimfull 249 kg
seat levels 870mm, 850mm, 840mm, 820mm - lowered suspension: 820mm and 800mm
equipment TFT-Display, ABS, adaptive curve-light, heated grips, bordcomputer, ASC, ESA, RDC, day-riding-light, qick-shifter (blibber), side bag holders, navigator cradle for BMW navigator IV, V and VI, topcase-holder and hand guards, heated seat ( only standard seat - not lowered seat!!)

Our Specials:

  daily rate weekend 4 days & longer fixprice
own share reduction to max 100,00 € 12,50 € 25,00 € 50,00 €
Cancellation & change in booking-option* 20,00 € 20,00 € 20,00 €

Cancellation & change in booking-option:

With this option we will offer you the possibility to get back the whole down payment in case of cancellation the rental booking or changing one time the rental period, even if you cancel minutes before the start. The costs for this option will not be retained. A relaxing option if you miss e.g. your train or plane and arrive some hours or a day later!



more informations about our rent tariffs:

weekrental from saturday to saturday:

To stay inside the week tariff it is on saturday  - differing to the other days - necessary to bring back the rental bike latest till 10.00 a.m. Later returnings will be calculated with an additional weekend tariff.

In case of returnals after 10:00 a.m. on saturday we are not able anymore to check the bike and clean it for the next renter the same day, so it will rest till monday before we can do this.