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Welcome to our BMW motorbike rental - Homepage

our motorbike rental pool has over 100 actual and full equipped BMW motorbikes.

You can find our rental station directly inside the BMW motorbike center munich


General informations about Corona Virus and bike rental:

Our rental station is open and from 6th May on there is no quarantine anymore in Bavaria. 

* motorbike tours are allowed in south Germany ( Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg )

* opening the borders to Austria and Switzerland at 15th June - :)


In Bavaria:

From 18th May on the beergardens are open again - from 25th May on all restaurants are opening and from 30th May on the hotels start opening aswell.


In Austria:

is also opening the hotels and restaurants with some restrictions from 29th May for tourism again, if the situation of new infections doesn't turn.


Anyway we think that Italy and Spain are a longer time suffering very hard under the crisis and the borders will not be opened again so fast.


Eastern Europe States are closing their borders very hard and for example Czech republik said they will close for 6 months or maybe more.

Anyway we still see a lot of trouble for our customers from overseas  to get to us, so we offer a cost-free postponing of every rental booking that has been done for 2020 - if you like to switch the date to a later time this year or to 2021, please contact us.


Anyway we have very nice biking areas in South Germany - so this an alternative aswell we will assist with informations if you like to.


Stay healthy and let's go on to #flattenthecurve !!!

Your Bike & Travel Service Team