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Welcome to our BMW motorbike rental - Homepage

++ over 100 actual and full equipped BMW motorbikes

You can find our rental station directly inside the BMW motorbike center munich


+++ Germany reduces the VAT from 19 to 16 % for 2020 - all rentalprices you can see on our website will be reduced now with 3% discount +++


 +++ a new tariff starts in July: the special-week - 7 days with 1.000 free-km - interesting for riders that like for example to extend the weekend or maybe for renters that like to make rest days at some nice places, etc... have a look at our pricelist here... ++++


General informations about Corona Virus and bike rental:

The number of new infections in Germany, Austria and the most other EU-countries is now since weeks very low, so restrictions have been released step by step with great success and we are very happy with these results.

Our rental business is running normal again as the borders in Europe are mostly open now.

Motorbike-Tours in the mountains can be done again - the restaurants and hotels in Germany, Austria, Italy, Croatia and Switzerland are welcoming guests again with some standard restrictions like distance and face mask like known and practised in the most parts of the world.


Anyway we still see a lot of trouble for our customers from overseas  to get to us, so we offer a cost-free postponing of every rental booking that has been done for 2020 - if you like to switch the date to a later time this year or to 2021, please contact us.


Stay healthy and let's look forward to a different but great season anyway !!!

Your Bike & Travel Service Team